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The plans of an innocent and gullible man to reconcile with his estranged son are thwarted when he becomes an unwitting accomplice in an international plot to take down the Vatican Bank.


The seed for the film DAYBREAK was planted over 20 years ago when Wendell Laurent was a young(er) actor doing temp work during second and third shifts at law firms. He often wondered what it would be like to wake up in the morning to find out he was the suspect in a major crime committed at the firm the night before.

"I was raised on a steady diet of 70s screwball comedies like FOUL PLAY and WHAT’S UP, DOC? and have recently become a fan of spy spoofs like JOHNNY ENGLISH and SPY. But it wasn’t until I decided that the central “love story” of the film would be the relationship between father and son that the writing of the screenplay really took off in earnest.


"With the entire City of New York as my playground, my goal was to create a wacky and entertaining film with a heart that would make audiences leave the theater happier than when they went in. Quite a lofty goal, I realize, but one worth striving for!"


-- Wendell Laurent (Writer, Producer)


"These days it's more important than ever to have protagonists such as George. There are a lot of issues circling our globe that are cause for negative impact, so a little positivity goes a long way. We always need a reason to remove ourselves from our daily stresses and downturns. 


"I grew up with greats such as Monty Python, Mel Brooks, and the Zucker Brothers. I love feel-good movies that you can curl up on a couch and laugh your way through, no matter how many times you've watched them. Movies are magic and that's what we are striving to create here; MAGIC!"


-- Eric Whitten (Director, Producer)


"I have always been a huge fan of Barry Manilow’s “Daybreak”; listening to it never fails to put me in a happy mood." The protagonist of the film, George Sampson, is an eternal optimist who believes that one day he will wake up and his lifelong dreams will have come true. The song “Daybreak” not only encompasses George’s approach to life, but it also foreshadows the way the audience will hopefully feel at the end of the film.

-- Wendell Laurent

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